OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Thursday, July 21


QUESTION: Petition results come out in a week or two, nerves are at an all time high now...

Anyone have experiences they can share to maybe help with the nerves?

Went through a lot in the winter term, including close relative death a few days before finals, depression, and many sleepless nights. everything is documented in petition.

failed, required to withdraw. Asking for repeat, no penalty. If I can receive no penalty, then I would be eligible to switch into cs.



  1. Need more info. Program? Term? Previous fails? Previous term avgs?

  2. OP here. ECE 2A, no fails, 65% avg. petition is well documented with written proof for everything.

  3. If you had some documentation (like from a doctor and therapist), your letter was professional but still conveyed the emotional problems you had, AND was clear that you are better/getting better and a failed term won't happen again, you should be golden. My 2A term was a wash cuz of a bf dying, and my petition was a success.