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Updated on Thursday, May 26


I ordered something online that said it would take 12-15 business days to deliver. After 30 business days, I got a refund because it hadn't showed up and tracking information hadn't been updated in three weeks. It's been over two months and it finally showed up, but now I've already bought a replacement. The original item was inexpensive ($10), what should I do? Try and get back in contact with the company and repay? Has anyone dealt with a similar situation?

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  1. Most companies will just write it off as a loss and will tell you not to worry about it if you email them. For example, I've had times where Amazon packages have not shown up so Amazon has sent me a replacement. Then, when two of them showed up (and this was a $100 item) and I contacted them, they told me just to keep it. I honestly would not bother contacting the company about it.