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Updated on Thursday, May 26


Hey everyone, seeking advice on meeting new people. I'm still single, already in my 4th year and because of engineering I basically know no girls. If anyone could give some suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated thanks!


  1. well you're definitely not alone. tinder up and join a club you'd like. go bomber wed

  2. Step out of your comfort zone. Take chances and say hello to people. Be approachable. Use your head though when approaching others, don't try to make small talk with someone in the library when it's exam week. Just put yourself out there. You'll fuck up, get burned, but you'll gain confidence and start attracting people who want to be around you.

  3. tinder, okcupid, etc.

  4. I would recommend real life over tinder and other online dating sites. The odds are against you on those platforms. Girls appreciate guys who are confident enough to approach them in public and risk rejection.