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Updated on Thursday, May 26


QUESTION: Relationship Question: How do you know when your thoughts are no longer just whims but, rather, serious concerns? For context, I've been with my boyfriend for four years and, upon occasion (when he doesn't clean up after himself repeatedly or if he doesn't consider my feelings for something, etc.), I think about ending things but I immediately remind myself that these thoughts are products of momentary anger or sadness. So how do you know when what you're feeling is real and cause for leaving?


  1. those seem like legitimate concerns. Tell him about it and be serious when you do. If he just laughs it off and/or doesn't change then leave him

  2. Well when I was with my ex, I started to really doubt whether this was the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. He was emotionally abusive and drove me insane. Then one day as a joke (2.5 years into our relationship), he took me to a jewelry store and asked me which type of engagement ring I would want. I was so turned off and panicked by the idea of marrying him that I knew right then and there that this was not the guy for me. So my advice: think about whether this is someone you could see yourself being with in the long run or if their annoying/inconsiderate habits are too much.