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Updated on Friday, April 29



Has anyone taken FINE 130 or PACS 201 online? What was the course load like?


  1. FINE 130
    Weekly assignments done in photoshop.
    If you have some background knowledge, it's easy.
    Otherwise, it can be time-consuming if you want to produce good work. You learn through video tutorials.

  2. pac is a joke. easy 90+

  3. I took FINE 130 last term, really enjoyed it. There was an assignment every week and as first commenter said if you have some background knowledge, course isn't bad at all. I had a tiny bit of experience with it and found the course relatively easy and "beginner" level.

  4. OP here. thanks guys! and yeah i do have some experience, but I just looked through the course work and thought it might be really time consuming (fine 130).