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Updated on Saturday, April 16


QUESTION: If you ask for a small tea/coffee at timmies and they give you a medium, do you usually say anything?

I just take it since I don't want them to go through the trouble of making it again..


  1. Yeah, I'd probably say something so I don't walk away with someone else's drink.

  2. Replies
    1. No one that works at timmies, the company itself, or anyone else is actually affected by it or cares. Not sure why the hate. If its someone elses then then they'll make them another cup of 20 cent instant coffee.

    2. Uhmm... are you dumb? Then they'll have to wait even longer for their coffee to be made ALL OVER AGAIN because this bitch doesn't give a fuck about anyone but their damn selves

    3. ^The three deep breaths you need to take to calm down take longer than pouring already-made coffee into a medium cup with the right amount of cream and sugar dispensed into it.