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Updated on Sunday, April 3


QUESTION: For those of you leaving this year: Why are you leaving? Why did you come to UW originally? Was UW what you expected? Would you do it over again given what you know now?


  1. still got a year to go but honestly no way :) i'd feed myself dog shit before i'd ever choose to redo my undergrad here :) was disgustingly vapid and dull and that's not because i didn't live to the fullest i breathe that carpe diem shit :)

  2. No. Most of my peers are self interested, my professors are apathetic (and poor lecturers), the buildings are depressing relics of the 60s and the administration concerns itself almost exclusively with its image (as opposed to the student body) by chasing the latest trends and whoring itself out to industry.

  3. Came to UW originally because of the Legal Studies program and I liked the campus. I could've gone to UWO or Queens, but I wasn't going to live in the same city as any of my family.

    UW was actually better than I expected. Courses were decent and interesting, save for some mandatory courses. I'd do it again with some changes: not take Latin, take some courses outside of Arts and discover sooner how I am not interested in being a lawyer, preferably before I apply to law school. And also put more effort into being friends with people - which is hard to do once you live off campus, even with other people. I'd do it again because that not-becoming-a-lawyer realization is significant, which probably would not have happened if I attended school elsewhere.

  4. Came here for the "prestige" of the math program. Not leaving this year but almost graduating and I'm not about to let 3 years of pain and suffering go to waste. This school is the materialization of pain, stress, and a persistent sense of "wtf?". If I could relive my life I'd rather become a monk than come here again. Attending UW is literally the worst decision I have ever made.