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Updated on Sunday, April 3


QUESTION: Which engineering program is best suited for working in aerospace engineering or the gaming industry and/or animation (which I understand is crucial that you have an exceptional portfolio/showreel for) in the future..? thanks!


  1. aerospace: mechanical
    gaming/animation: software

  2. Would mechatronics work for aerospace as well?

    1. Possibly, if you're into the "moving parts" aspects of aerospace, I should think. That said, Mech Eng is probably a more versatile option with respect to aerospace.

  3. It sounds like you have no idea what you want to do but you play video games and think spaceships and planes are cool. I'm not saying engineering isn't the place for that, but you're more than likely to not end up in either of those fields. Just pick the program that sounds the most interesting and let life sort it out.