OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Sunday, April 3


QUESTION: What are some interesting electives that are also fairly easy? I need to add one to my schedule. I am open to anything other than math courses.


  1. ANTH 201 - Archaeological Techniques. You basically just learn about different ways archaeology is done. 4 short assignments, easy midterm/final, as long as you come to class you really don't need to do any readings. Prof can be a bit longwinded at times, but he's just really passionate about the topic. Easiest 90 ever.

  2. ECON 101 with Packalen -- you can get up to 110% on each of the two midterms (and maybe the final; I can't remember). I finished with 100% in the course.

    ECON 102 isn't hard either, but it's a lot more about memorizing definitions and less about basic math, so I imagine most students' marks are a bit lower in it; I know mine were.

  3. Earth 121 or 122. Easiest courses I've ever taken. Didn't study for even a minute and got 88.