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Updated on Wednesday, March 23


I'm currently enrolled in both BIOL 303 and 308 for the spring term. BIOL 308 is not a mandatory course for me but I have limited options for this term. I've heard that the course is very hard and Wolff isn't a good prof. What are the chances of a hard working student getting a 90+ in 308? Should I just take 354 instead (not very interested in the subject though).


  1. i hated 308 as a course but that's mostly because molecular biology is a mystery to me. from what i remember, it's not a pure memorization course because there is just so much material and it doesn't feel connected at all. i absolutely loved 354 though, it's an easy course and if it's still set up the same way as a few years ago and is split into 2 6-week sections with non-cumulative midterms. The only thing is that the lab is bundled with the course itself and they are LONG. You have to grow plants for some of the labs which is kind of fun, but then again you have like 120+ seeds for you and your partner AS WELL AS class data, so expect a lot of numbers in excel and having to write labs.

  2. You'll be fine OP :) BIOL 308 wasn't so bad! Just make sure you don't study everything the night before... spread it out a couple days and you'll be fine :) this goes for all biology courses...

  3. 308 is fine, 90 is doable.
    Isn't Dragana Miskovic still teaching it? She was good 4 yrs ago

  4. I had Wolff for BIOL308. I didn't start studying for the final until a few hours before it and everyone told me I was crazy. I also didn't go to class ever. I pulled off an 83 easily (could've been higher if I just invested more time into it). His online quizzes were stupid in my opinion and the lectures I did attend were kinda shitty. If you're good at managing content heavy courses you'll do fine.

  5. Tests/exams were based on the practice problems in the study guide. As long as you keep up you can get over 90.