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Updated on Monday, March 7



I mixed up the dates for one of my midterms, so I ended up missing it. When I talked to the professor, the professor suggested that I "acquire" a doctor's note and that he would shift the weight to the final if I did. Obviously, doing something like that would be pretty dishonest and I'm leaning towards not doing it. However, If I don't, it's probable that I'll fail and it'll delay my graduation (Yes, I'm an upper year. Yes, I'm supposed to have my shit together.).



  1. Talk to your doctor, be honest with them and tell them exactly what you just said here. If your professor is kind enough to offer that sort of flexibility they will require documentation to back it up. I can only hope the doctor you find will feel as generous though.

    1. Ehh... I've never been to health services but I wouldn't risk being "honest" with them if it's already well known that they'll give out doctor's notes upon request. If you really want to be honest, you should be honest with your prof, which you have already done. And plus, shifted weights are hardly "dishonest"; they are not free marks and you are still earning every single one of them.

  2. Not sure if this applies but when I had to get a doctor's note, I was only allowed to get it from the health services on campus. I also had to pay a fee too.

    Honestly, that place gives doctors note like it's nothing. A few people I know told the doctor "I had a cold and slept in" and still got a note.

    I was in the same situation as you (mixed up dates as well). Luckily my prof had a make up test since a few people missed it as well. Maybe you can ask for a make up test instead?

  3. get the note, u'll regret it less

  4. Just get the note. Jesus. Don't just follow a moral rule for the sake of following it. Think about your actions. Who are you hurting? How is what you're doing wrong? It's not. So do it.