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Updated on Thursday, February 11



Good tattoo places in Kitchener Waterloo? If you could include prices that would be great!


  1. Tattoo of an: Infinity Sign, Anchor, Arrow, Quote, Obscure Shape, or something else hip and trendy? If so, go to the place near Laurier

  2. Tora Tattoo is probably the best but be prepared for a year's waiting list. Can't include prices since pricing is extremely dependent on size, intricacy of tattoo, number of colours used, time it takes to do it...something tells me you've never been inked before.

  3. Come over to my place. I'll do one up in my basement for you real cheap. All you gotta do is cover the cost of the ink. I can do blue or black. Will be around the cost of a couple bic pens from staples. Let me know.

    1. Can confirm. Great experience. 10/10. Would go again.

  4. Definitely Tora Tattoo, but like above can't say price based on too many variables. And yes it's a really long wait time but soooo worth it.