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How many students get crushes on their T.A's? And how many T.A's have crushes on their students?


  1. I crush on my TA's and profs ALL THE TIME. I think it's a sexual fantasy thing

  2. I've only crushed really hard on one of my TAs because of his personality, and the good looks were an added bonus. Just everything about him... God. Never had the guts to ask him out though.

  3. Obviously, literally 100% of T.A's have crushes on their students.
    It's a well guarded secret that 100% of students have crushes on T.A's though.
    If word got out, the university would just collapse on itself due to the unmanageable amount of sexual tension that would occur during tutorials or office hours

  4. I would say that faaaar more students develop crushes on their TAs than the other way around. As a student, you are one face in the crowd so you're less likely to draw attention. In addition, TAs are discouraged from seeing their students romantically whereas students feel none of this discouragement. From anecdotal evidence, I was never attracted to any of my students when I TA'd but, as a student, I had serious crushes on several TAs over the years.

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  6. I'm a TA and I've definitely had a crush on a few of the guys in my classes. I've never acted on it while TAing the class, but I chatted with one of the guys once at a departmental colloquium reception and we went for coffee later. Turns out he's straight but we're still good friends.