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Updated on Tuesday, February 9



Why are mainland China people so fucking disgusting. Just watched one cough up pghlem and spit it on the stairs of our apartment. 


  1. Could be worse. I was in the washroom and some asshole was trying to clear his sinuses. He was leaning over the sink, pressing one nostril closed with this finger, and blowing green snot all over the sink.

  2. I've seen white people do that too. Spitting everywhere.

  3. Assuming your question is not rhetorical, being a Chinese myself, I can provide some information.

    As we all know mucus traps particles and dirt in our respiratory tracks, and most Canadians swallow them. However we believe that since mucus is dirty (which they are), they should not be swallowed but rather expelled. My mother used to beat me with a stick when she hear me swallowing instead of spitting. This view is not unique to Chinese people, and it used to be much more common in western society (see Modern medicine believes that our stomach acid can handle whatever dirty stuff is in the mucus, so expelling it does not give significant health benefit. Therefore spitting is now discouraged even in China, however old believes and habits will linger on for quite some time.

    1. Shit. This is a legit reply. Kind of a once-in-a-blue-moon sort of thing for on here. Kudos 3.

    2. Your mom beat you with a stick? Jesus dude lol