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Updated on Wednesday, January 27



Do By-laws usually goto CIF parking lot and ticket you?? or am I just that unlucky. I usually goto the gym late at night to avoid paying $5 everytime/getting a parking pass and tonight I got ticketed by a by-law 20 minutes before I got to my car. It's like this douchebag specifically targeted me, my buddy was parked a few cars away and didn't get anything. I'm just wondering is this common and if I park at Miller Thomson after 5 are they going to ticket me there too? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Some of the campus police will ticket after parking leaves. If your car isn't affiliated with campus, some will give you a bylaw instead of a campus ticket. Does your friend have a parking pass of any kind?

    I have no idea about Miller Thomson though. Also Friday til Sunday night x lot is free.