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Which is the better city to live in, Toronto or Ottawa? GO


  1. Ottawa:

    - Lots of recreational activities in summer and winter. From the Canal to the Capital Pathway system, she has it all!

    - Decent bus transportation system, and a decent light rail system. Will be getting a massive expansion of the light rail system by one line. It will premiere in 2018.

    - The ByWard Market is a lot of fun, and there is always Quebec, if you feel bored. Montreal is only a few hours away!

    - All the museums are either free or offered at a lower price on Thursday, and all of the sightseeing from the Rideau to the Parliament buildings!

    - Has a very interested flavour in regards to the way it has bilingualism as its way of communicating in a business. Of course, it is a government town, and if you're looking for work with them, you better have some sharp language skills!

    - Less traffic than Toronto, though you know it would be screwed if it had the same population. Major arteries get clotted a lot here, and there is no room for expansion due to NIMBY personalities and environmental concerns.

    - As a government town, it is surprisingly proper and conservative in a few spots. Lots of NIMBY personalities, especially in the Glebe. Despite that, she does know how to let her hair down, every now and then.


    - A city full of distinct and different neighbourhoods. From might be common in Chinatown, maybe totally different to Greektown on the Danforth.

    - The food scene is far tastier and the bar and club scene is of a better quality, though cover and drinks are cheaper in Ottawa.

    - Transit, despite some problems, is far better. Sure, the subway may not be as sophisticated or pretty as the Montreal Metro, but it serves the area well enough, and most of the trains are surprisingly clean. Transit times are nicer, too. Oh, and we can't forget the streercar lines and bus routes!

    - More sport options, though Sens tickets are cheaper in Ottawa than Leaf tickets in Toronto.

    - A prettier blend of buildings and styles. Everything is instantly recognizable in Toronto.

    - Traffic is God awful. You know you fucked up as a planner when the original highway you were wanting to bypass (Lake Shore Boulevard/Highway 2), is the faster route compared to your bypass (Gardiner Expressway). This, of course, compliments the work of the public transit system.

    - Toronto is arguably more friendlier to immigrants and minorities. It is also more friendlier to those who recognize themselves as LGBTQ.

    - Not as great of a biking system, but plenty of activities to see and do. Most can be found for free too such as visiting High Park or Allan Gardens.

    1. the public transport in ottawa was seriously shit... buses always are delayed

    2. 5 again. I won't deny, the buses can be a pain sometimes, but considering the limitations, it's still a pretty decent set up. The light rail expansion will definitely help!

  2. Ottawa is beautiful and cost of living is super cheap

  3. Lived in both for coop and my personal favourite is Ottawa. The main thing that attracts me are the museums, also the area near parliament hill is beautiful.

  4. toronto, but only because ottawa is in the middle of nowhere

    1. Ottawa's close to Montreal and a bunch of ski resorts. Toronto is close to Toronto and the states. You can probably guess which way I'm leaning on this one.