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Updated on Wednesday, January 20



can you take sick days when you're on co-op?


  1. Depends entirely on your employer. Most places I've worked allow you to miss time for illness, but expect you to work off the hours that you've missed once you return.

    1. Sounds like a great way to get sick again, working off 2/3 days of sick leave on top of full time work.

  2. Yea, depends on the company. Last two work terms I've had (both in US) I was allowed a fair amount of paid time off. Even if your company doesn't give you PTO, you're always free to take unpaid days.

  3. Depends... I had an employer that made me come in with the flu and work 65 hour 7 day weeks unpaid without breaks. Took me forever to get better as a result. The manager would just say shit like "I'll give you the worst review possible if you take time off." CECA didn't give a fuck. Cheap fucks wouldn't even give me/let me have dinner. I was so tired when I had to drive home they're luck I did crash otherwise they'd have a lawsuit on their hands.

  4. One company I worked for made me make up the day I missed because of a minor surgery.

    Another paid for the two weeks I had to take off because I was quarantined thanks to a food borne virus. (They actually told me to stay home and recuperate for a few days after I was cleared to work, I wanted to get working ASAP but my boss insisted...)

    So the answer is "it depends", usually what is in your contract is the guideline an employer will follow.