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Updated on Wednesday, January 13


QUESTION: Hey everyone,

Questions for anyone that has gone to the USA for waterloo on co-op on a J-1 Visa (Canadian citizens). I received my DS-2019 and I was just wondering what do you do when you get to the airport and speak with an immigration officer? Do they ask you questions about your internship or do I tell them as soon as I come up to the immigration officer? This may sound really stupid and I apologize I'm just looking for advice


  1. So this is like basic immigration rules. I have never gone to the us as a co-op student, but I have visited for vacation purposes. If you are asking about how to conduct yourself in front of the immigration officer, you start by showing your ID and definitely the J-1 visa on passport. They will ask you why you are going , where you live, how long you are going for, that sort of thing. Know the address of the place you will be living at, work address if possible, or have these sorts of details written down. they might only ask you what kind of internship is it, how long is it for, you plan on returning to canada after, etc.

    hope this helps!

  2. Tell the immigration officer "I am entering the US on a J-1 training visa". Do not say you are working in the US, the J-1 is only for training purposes. The only other way you can fuck up is if you accidentally enter as a tourist. Other than that, the whole process should take 2 minutes.

  3. thanks for your help :)

  4. Did you skip the co-op meeting where they tell you exactly what to do? =)