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Updated on Monday, January 4



I got a 47 in a course, should I email the prof to bump up to 50? What should I ask? I really don't want to repeat it :(


  1. Why would expect to get marks you didn't earn? You failed and that's that.

  2. 47 to 50 isn't going to happen

  3. I had a "friend" who did jack shit all term in a course, failed all the assignments, and failed the course as expected. The person had the audacity to ask the prof for a pass, but he saw the assignment marks and said no. This person still felt that the prof was an asshole, even though I found him to be completely reasonable in his decision.

    However, OP, if you did work hard during the term and just had a bad day on the final, then perhaps talk to the prof and maybe he/she will understand.

  4. 47 to 50 is too big a gap. Some very, VERY nice profs will bump you from 49.4 to 49.5 so you round up to 50. But if you get 49.3 or lower it's really unfair to any prof to bump you that much.