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Updated on Monday, January 4



Does anyone know if a recently graduated student who has had a coop job within the last 52 weeks is eligible for EI benefits? Can't really find any information about it for this situation and just wanted some background knowledge before calling service canada and asking.


  1. you must have worked a certain amount of hours from the previous year..double check on but from my past experience, you are not eligible for EI.

  2. #1 has it, there's a minimum number of hours you must have worked to be eligible. Plus it may have been too long since then for you to apply, and you had an "occupation" as a student in the meantime.

    On the upside, you should get a lot of those paycheque deductions back on your tax return, thanks to tuition amounts, and in the likely event that there are excess tuition-related tax credits that got accumulated over the undergrad years, once you find a job a lot of the initial deductions will come back to you as well (until your earnings use up the various credits).