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Updated on Monday, December 14


Any recent graduates out there struggling? I'm not looking for a pity party but I'm just wondering how everyone is finding the job market. Specifically, my fellow friends with arts degrees. I have a bit of experience while I was at waterloo as a research assistant but I'm struggling to get any job thats even related to my field. Any advice? I feel all the jobs I apply to are already given to people through referrals. :(


  1. What was your major? Also, did you do co-op?

  2. > arts degrees

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  3. >arts
    don't say you weren't warned

  4. Try applying for a job at a coffee shop. Preferably an independent cafe that sells organic and fair trade coffee and vegan baked goods. Those establishments are always looking for well educated arts graduates such as yourself. Good luck!!

  5. it's tough alright

  6. Recent MA grad here and, honestly, just start applying for anything that vaguely matches your skillset. For me, that means applying to technical writing jobs and other things that make use of my ability to write well. You're likely not going to find something in your field right away but having jobs that rely on the core skills that you've acquired helps show that you're - at the very least - employable and that you're flexible and adaptable.