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Updated on Thursday, December 3



Close to exam season and I've just started trying this term :| Any redemption stories after finals?


  1. Scored 16% on a midterm, but finished the course with 84%

    1. ^ Was the midterm not worth a lot or did you just get perfect on everything else?

  2. Had 5 courses. Some easy (I think 2 or 3) and the rest kinda hard (CS and math). Did barely anything (skipped most classes, most assignments) for all of the classes and spent all day (50 minute study, 10 minute break) studying for the next upcoming exam for all the exams or working on the next upcoming final assignment. I passed everything and did well on some - don't really remember cause this was a while ago, fourth year courses.

    I think it's possible to do absolutely nothing all term and then just study with extreme focus during study days and exam time and do decently (~70%) or even well, depending on the course. You might do worse if the assignment marks count for a lot though...

    And when I say study with extreme focus I don't mean to not sleep and not take breaks. Be healthy about it- maybe just 50 minutes at a time and get a good night's sleep and eat healthy.

  3. Failed a course in 2A and my marks were bad in general but I worked hard after that term and was on the dean's list the next year. Graduated and currently in my 2nd year at a professional school now.

  4. Asking this is literally the worst thing you can do right now. You're trying to vicariously live through the experience of coming back academically, before you even started. This will just dampen your drive.