OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Friday, November 27



What am I supposed to do about a bigot on facebook? Like all she posts about is how much better the world would be if there weren't any white males on the planet, fucked up stuff like that. I'm afraid to call her out on her bullshit, she'll probably spread my face and name all over the internet and get other sexist racists to come after me.


  1. if that were to happen to me I'd just find it hilarious

  2. Do what they would do, Dox and harass their employers.

  3. those people actually exists? I wonder if I have a mutual friend.... curious to see what she says

  4. Just unfollow her if her posts piss you off and you are still obliged to keep some sort of a relationship with her. Otherwise, just block her. What's so hard about this?

  5. It's definitely not sexism or racism if you're discriminating against white males??? stop oppressing me????

    honestly though, just don't bother with her lmao. Let her bitch about how the patriarchy won't let her have a good job as she completes her women's studies degree lmfao.

    1. I have once. You see it all started 5 years ago, the summer of my senior year of high school...

    2. My good friend, let's call her Yolanda, for the sake of anonymity while maintaining her ethnic background (BLACK) made a joke. The joke went as follows:

    3. My name is Yolanda, but people call me yo.
      I'm making some pasta, I got a lotta dough.
      Yolanda Yolanda
      The greatest the greatest
      You'll wanna come fuck me
      But Ima just say no

    4. She turns to me to see my reaction to her joke (more of a freestyle rhyme in hindsight) and I felt I needed to laugh so that I still had a chance with her