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Updated on Wednesday, November 18


QUESTION: Wondering thoughts on tests/midterms in online classes. 
If the prof doesn't specify "open book", do you still assume they're open book or not?
I haven't been, but have heard other people do. 
Just curious to know what people typically do in the situation of online tests/midterms?
(I don't want to be an idiot and not do open book if I can - but I don't want to use open book if we're not supposed to) 



  1. Can't tell if serious...they are OBVIOUSLY OPEN BOOK. Profs aren't so stupid that they would think that someone wouldn't look elsewhere for an online course.

    1. However, it is an unspoken allowance. I had one classmate mention the fact that she had treated our midterm as an open book examination on the discussion board and the professor was pisssssed. Unless the professor says otherwise, it's not *supposed* to be open book but there's really no way for them to enforce that.

  2. > I don't want to ... if we're not supposed to
    son/daughter, you won't pass uni with that attitude

  3. My advice for you is to actually make notes, and use that for the test instead. Do the online test/midterm/whatever, as if you've studied... and then if you have time, go back and double check your answers with the book. If you treat it as an open book test and you only have 40 minutes, you may run out of time on the test!