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Updated on Saturday, November 14



ELI5 please: what is the difference between AFM, Math CA, FARM, Actsci, Math Finance... they all blend into one thing, I'm a CS major


  1. FARM is buisness focused, Actsci has courses in insurance and stuff, Math Finance is PMATH and Stats focused. Thats the extent of my knowlege as a MF major.

  2. They share a lot of common themes and courses but they are different in specialization. I'm from another background that's similar mathbus/ITM

    AFM and math CA focus on accounting practices
    FARM is about financial and risk modelling and analysis
    Actsc is about insurance and risk theory
    Math finance is about finance theory and stats
    My program covers business and specializes in information systems... Mathematical economics is also similar with a focus on econ theory.

    There's a lot of overlapping careers with these majors but obviously some are better for more specialized roles

  3. AFM- if you have no problem with cheating as it's an accepted norm
    Math CA - if you're asian
    FARM- if you like insurance
    ArtSci - if you have no life and like doing assignments
    Math Finance - if you like theory with no real world applications