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Updated on Wednesday, November 11



When someone sends you a good morning text, do you usually reply with a similar good morning text? I always send a good morning text to my girlfriend when I wake up; this morning, she simply replied to what I said after that but didn't say good morning back. To the girls out there - should I stop saying good morning, does it get boring after a while?


  1. Depends on your relationship. I would find it annoying after a while if it felt like it was forced. Just like any kind of small talk. Sounds like a conversation you should have with your GF to know how you each feel.

  2. I would love to have a guy text me good morning. I've never had any guy do that on a regular basis. If she's annoyed, maybe you should move on and date me instead ;)

  3. I would absolutely find that annoying, but I know some people are into that. It's polite to say it but imo when I'm close enough with someone, conversations don't even need the sort of polite greetings/smalltalk before they get started--just text her whatever you wanna talk about in the morning and let the conversation start from there instead. It sounds like that might be what she responds to more naturally.

    Either way, if she only missed greeting you back once, you're probably just over-analysing this. If it's really bothering you, I agree with (1). Just ask her how she prefers your conversations to start and how she feels on the subject.

  4. I love guys like that, shows that you really care and adore the girl. You should ask your gf if she likes getting morning texts since it seems like she doesn't think much of it. I hate guys who act indifferently to small things but think they are all that because they did something once or twice. All the little things add up to mean much more than just a few bigger ish things.

  5. My boyfriend and I text that to each other almost every morning that we haven't woken up together for the past 3 years. I've never gotten bored of it. If it was a one time incident, maybe she just wanted to reply to what you said.

    Just talk to her; she'll give you the best answer.

  6. Switch it up. Instead of saying the same thing over and over do something like send a random picture. Make the pictures progressively weirder and/or grosser.