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Updated on Monday, November 9



I just got my IUD (hormonal) on Wednesday, and today (Monday) I started noticing long stringy tissue-like blood things when I pee. I'd estimate they are at most the length of my thumb, but usually about half that. I'm still spotting otherwise but from what I hear that's normal.

Sorry for the TMI, but girls who have gotten an IUD - is this normal? I don't want to book an appointment if I'm overreacting.


  1. I have an IUD but I've never experienced anything like that, everyone's bodies are different though! I still would probably get it checked out. You can try calling and asking to speak to a nurse, I've done that before for IUD related issues and they've been really good about talking to me were able to tell me whether or not I needed to come in.

  2. You can call telehealth and talk to a Registered Nurse for health advice :)

  3. Never get an IUD. They cause nothing but problems. We aren't meant to have artificial objects up there for a long period of time and our bodies prove that point by bleeding abmornally. Sometimes they can even migrate through the uterine wall in your body's attempt to reject it and then you're in real trouble.

    1. what will you say when you've smoked and drunk your heart into an arrhythmia and need a pacemaker device put in? in the uterus - NO, but in the chest, sure thing.
      why don't you get medical education before shitposting

    2. 3a: I don't smoke or drink and never have. In fact I'm probably in far better shape than you.
      The heart is required to live. Heart pacemaker recipients don't have much of a choice. With contraceptives there are many choices, plenty which are non-invasive. Why don't you look up the complication and failure rates of IUDs, because almost all of them have serious complications at some point.

      Sounds like you're the one who needs medical education, retard.

  4. and what is your comment contributing to the discussion?