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Updated on Wednesday, October 28



Any experience with asking about compensation in coop interviews? Were you received well and how did you manage to ask without being rude?


  1. Straight up ask what the compensation package it.

    It is not a rude question, that is part of job negotiations.

    Even if it is your only offer they don't know that, and compensation is part of choosing which offer is best for you.

  2. "I'm just wondering about the pay. "

  3. "What is the hourly wage for this position?"

    - you have every right to ask this question, it isn't rude, it provides an opportunity to compare what is being offered with other companies.
    - be prepared to share some experience (ie. pay) from a previous job
    - When I asked this before, I was also told that students who perform excellently will be given additional bonuses at the end of the term (which I ended up getting).

    You don't really have much to lose, it isn't rude as long as you are doing it as part of your investigation of a company.

    1. Generally I disclose past salaries to any potential employer during an interview though knowing the average salaries of your program and level can be helpful IMO.