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Updated on Tuesday, October 20



what are the trans* inclusive clubs on campus? any clubs that other students have had trouble with homophobia and misogyny in?


  1. There are no clubs on campus where people will actually care about whatever snowflake gender you consider yourself to be unless you make it an issue.

    Grow a thicker skin if you find interacting with people in the general public troubling.

  2. I don't think anymore cares anywhere on campus

  3. You hate all men and want a club that recognizes that. I'd have to assume there is a lot of misandry in that particular club. Your attitude sucks.

  4. Couldn't have said it better myself.. lol

  5. I love how the OP was asking if there are any inclusive spaces on campus, and then everyone's response puts words in their mouth and assumes they're going to join clubs to "stuff sexuality down their throats", or that every club is 100% ok with transgender people joining.

    Not only does it end up being an example of transphobia in itself, but it ignores that transphobia still exists. Good job "not caring" everyone, really showed that tranny how nice UW is.