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Updated on Tuesday, October 13



Do girls stop hanging out with a guy if they know they can never have a relationship with them?


  1. Sure if that was literally the only reason she hung out with him. There's really no way to generalize here. Like sometimes yes, probably mostly no though? Tons of reasons people stop hanging out tho.

  2. Can you elaborate some on some of the things that may have happened #2?

  3. Not if they're your friend.

  4. I'd only stop hanging out with them because of that if that was the only reason I was hanging out with them in the first place. Most (Like 99%) of the time it's because I want to be friends with them. In the case of "sure, a relationship would be nice" and I find out there's no chance, it almost always still ends up being "but friendship is awesome."

    Only other case where that would be the reason is if they have really strong feelings for you, and they can't be friends with you because of that.