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Updated on Tuesday, October 6


QUESTION: How do you get closure if your ex refuses to give you a real reason about why they ended things with you? Is it worth searching for the answers when it's not easy to receive them or will that just perpetuate more negative thoughts about yourself?


  1. if you can, then just move on. that really sucks. if there's no closure, give yourself some and delete them on all social networks and such. keep yourself busy and move on. If they couldn't even be considerate enough to give you a reason, do you really want to be with a dick like that anyway? Call it the price of getting out early.

  2. Here's how to get closure with that kind of person:

    Say "well I should tell you something, I probably gave you a disease, but I won't tell you which until you tell me why." Then walk away. Even if they still never tell you you can sit back and smile at the thought of all the unnecessary tests they will be panicking to go take.