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Updated on Tuesday, October 6


QUESTION: I used to be really good friends with someone of the opposite gender but we started drifting apart. I'm afraid she doesn't want to spend time with me because of her so. How can I reconnect and be like we used to?


  1. You cant. It's too late for that.. If you were very good friends before a SO got in the picture it's only natural you're not going to be spending as much time together. There's now one more person they need to divide their time up to include and some of that time is going to come from the time you two spent together. For a lot of people SO come before friends too. This is also not accounting for any jealousy her SO might feel or any objections they might have about the two of you hanging out together, especially if it's often, alone and very closely.
    It just isn't going to work out. Pack your bags and move on.

  2. #1 throwing down reality.