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Updated on Monday, September 14


QUESTION: This is for any alumni out there. I am a new engineering grad and I had a few questions. 1) I had an interview Aug 31st and at the conclusion of the interview I was told I would be receiving an offer package by Thursday or Friday (the 4th).
The offer didn't come by Friday so I followed up with a phone call Tuesday. The manager told me they would definitely be sending me an offer package and would get it out soon but I still have not received it. My question is if anyone has had any similar experience and is this not so unusual for an offer to be delayed going on 2 weeks? Should I keep calling every few days or just sit tight for a bit?
My second question is more general. Does anyone have suggestions where typical starting salaries can be found and any tips on salary negotiation? I've done a search but the results are very general and tend to just list "engineering" and not the specific discipline or any position. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  1. This could be a red flag. I had a friend who was told for about six months that a company would be making an offer (this was a company they had worked for on a co-op term before graduation). Finally the contact at the company ended up admitting that they just didn't have the funds for hiring. Ask them each time you call approximately when you can expect the package to arrive, follow up a few days after that date and if you've followed up too many times, find another job.

  2. Worked in HR. Keep looking for jobs. They're holding out for someone better than you and if they don't, they'll offer you the position. If you like the company then take it when you receive the offer. But don't be holding out and don't stop looking for alternatives.

  3. Maybe you could find salaries of entry level jobs on
    On Glassdoor, you can look up reviews of salaries and companies..sometimes they have job posts too.