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Updated on Monday, September 7


Where and how can I buy a vibrator discreetly in KW?


  1. If you want to avoid the interaction that takes place inside of an adult store, you could buy one on The best part about this option is that in addition to being discreet via online purchase, you can opt to have it delivered to a post office near you, This is particularly useful for avoiding any awkwardness that may happen if it were delivered to your house while you weren't home and a roommate encountered the parcel. Hope this helps; good luck!

  2. I second online as being the most discreet. They package them so that it's not obvious what the contents are.

  3. Use they are a canadian based company with free/really low shipping rates (depending on how much you are spending) and whatever you order gets to you in like 2 days. Plus they really take "discreet" to a new level, the package and your credit/bank card will show up with something like "TDSBM Inc." on it or something, so nobody knows but you. And p.s. they are like one of the cheapest places I have ever seen to buy toys, like ever. Not that the toys are cheap, but dang do they sell good stuff for low prices.