OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Monday, September 28


QUESTION: Im just quite curious. how many students in the whole UW community/campus do you think actually know about this site..? OMGUW I mean. 

What % do yall think??

Jus wondering cause if maybe next time I do post an mc i wonder what are the chances that other person may see it? 



  1. Don't plan to post a MC...

  2. id say 20-30%, however an MC has a significantly higher chance of being seen, because the person's friend will most likely notify them. I see this on FB sometimes

  3. Even if your comment is worded vaguely, there are enough people who lurk who would pass it on to your intended 'target'. So, a pretty good chance overall if that's what you're going for. Just be attractive and it'll work.

  4. Yeah maybe 10%. I think a lot more people are on Yik Yak.