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Updated on Monday, August 17


QUESTION: I have an intense attraction towards certain possessions in my life and I feel as though these tendencies to cling to materialistic objects are harmful and detrimental to my growth and maturity as a human being. What can I do to transcend these egotistic energies and experience a state of peaceful no-desire? What do you personally do when emotionally crippled due to tendencies and desires outside rational inquiry?


  1. maybe you're asking the wrong question and need to change your perspective on life. maybe life isn't about what you have, but who you have.

  2. It sounds like you could benefit form reading some buddhist philosophy

    1. Quoting badly but in some philosophy there are lines like:
      Life is suffering
      The cause of suffering is desire
      To end suffering one must end desire
      To end desire one must follow the eightfold path.

  3. Take the thesaurus out of your ass for starters.

  4. I'm pretty sure a state of no desire is called death. You just need to desire things that are actually important to you.