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Updated on Monday, August 17


QUESTION: This may sound very middle schoolish, but how can I tell if this girl's interested in me just by using Facebook messenger? 

We recently became friends but don't know too much about each other. We've talked a bit through Facebook but that's about it. I won't be seeing her in person for a while since she's done exams. Any signs I should look for?


  1. Also, how can I keep conversation going without seeming too annoying?

  2. How long does it take her to reply after you send a message? Not long? She might be interested.
    Do her replies seem enthusiastic? She might be interested.
    Does she use emojis? She might be interested.

    If you guys hardly know each other, just start off by asking about her (school/co-op/family/fun/whatever). I'm assuming since she just finished exams, she's probably going to start co-op so you can talk about that as well.

    One thing I like to do is let her send the last message in the conversation, that way I can message her whenever I feel like any other day of the week.

    Obviously this is from my own experience and all girls are different. Good luck!

  3. You just met, don't know each other, and have only talked through facebook since then. I'd say its more or less 100% that she isn't particularly interested in your facebook pick-ups.

  4. never ask a girl out on fb. You do it in person. like a man. you are a man. not a middle schooler. That is all. Bean daddy out.

    1. seconded. fb is not a place for that,