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Updated on Monday, August 17


QUESTION: Should I take psychopathology or physiological psychology? Pro's and con's for non psych majors?


  1. Well first being a psychopath will have it's ups and ups. You'll be able to control your empathy, but small things may set you off like thinking that Bryce prefers Van Patten's card to yours. Things will not mean much to you, but you'll consider it something of a game only that you win and others lose.

    Being a paranormal psychopath allows you to move beyond our physical limitations. You'll start to feel like a super-villain with your abilities and be able to thwart your enemies easily. The worst case scenario is that you'll end up on the WB during summer reruns.

  2. Is that bone white?

  3. They are both interesting courses so I don't think motivation to do well would be an issue here, whichever one you choose.

    I found Physiological Psychology to be conceptually harder and more content-heavy than Psychopathology. If you don't have some Biology background, this could be a GPA killer. But, if you get Dankert, you may just fall in love with this class; he's quite the character, great Aussie accent and also very approachable and helpful.

    As for Psychopathology, what it lacks in depth, it makes up for in breadth. You'd learn lots of useful techniques for diagnosing disorders ( you get to play shrink! ) and you will emerge with a clearer picture of what a mental disorder actually looks like and what can be done/should be done with people who suffer from them. But you'll be introduced to concepts from scratch and you could do very well (grade-wise) by just doing the readings and practicing your ABC STAMP LICKER (a mnemonic for the Mental Health Status Exam).

    If you're a non-psych student and just taking them out of general interest, I'd say go with Psychopathology. Great popular psychology myth-buster also!