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Updated on Sunday, August 9


Have you ever cheated, what happened and does your SO know?


  1. I slept with a guy after going out to Starlight one night. SO doesn't know and I don't plan on telling him

    1. Wow are you serious? Does your SO not deserve to know the truth? What if you gave him STDs and he now carries something he has no clue about expecting you to be faithful?

  2. had a friend cheat. blew my nut inside her. she felt bad and went back to him. she emails me all the time

  3. Yeah, throughout 1st and 2nd year I cheated on my girl friend countless times. We should have broken up before we even got to uni but she didn't want to and cried when I brought up the idea. I stayed with her because I didn't want to crush her. I didn't even have feeling for her anymore but I was still with her. I do regret the decisions I made. She doesn't know and I'm sure it'd kill her if she were to ever find out now. Things ended naturally but we're still friends

  4. My bf always tells me I'm cheating and unfaithful to him because I think his friend is attractive (which my bf even admits is true). Other than that no.

  5. No, I haven't. Closest I've ever come to cheating is "dream cheating", but it definitely doesn't count.