OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Sunday, August 9


QUESTION: I filled out a plan modification form to pursue a minor, if I end up not being able to fit all the courses into my schedule in the future, then nothing happens right? I just don't get the minor? THANK YOU .. :)


  1. I don't understand this question. Are you wasking if the school would give you some kind of consolation prize/degree for only finishing most of the needed courses for a minor?

    1. Op is worried its an all or nothing deal so if he/she majored in CS and minored in econ but then says fuck it to the last econ minor requirement they want to make sure they just get the CS degree not delay their graduation.

      For the record op don't sorry about it when you graduate you fill out an intention to graduate form where all of this is outlined again. The only reason you declare this stuff throughout the degree is for them to plan class sizes. They need to know how many people need each course for their degree

  2. Yeah you'll not get the minor on your transcript/degree.