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Updated on Tuesday, August 4


QUESTION: Maybe somebody in here will know:

If I fulfill my degree requirements by December 2015, do I need to wait until convocation in June 2016 to receive my diploma? I am taking a full course load this spring term so that I can get out of here ASAP, and the walking in a gown part means nothing to me. Do they really make you wait half a year for your piece of paper? 


  1. yes, you will have to wait until june.
    just be sure you fill in your intent to graduate form on time for it and you'll be fine (else you'll be waiting A WHOLE YEAR).
    it's unfortunate that we don't have convocation in the winter term for those who finish in fall, but that's just how it is.

  2. 1 is wrong, you can arrange to get your diploma earlier. i know several people who got jobs in the US immediately after finishing the winter term and needed an early diploma to get their visa. ask the registrar's office if they can arrange it for you. i'm not sure *how* early you can get it, but you certainly don't have to wait until june.

    1. You an arrange to get your diploma earlier, yes, but if you actually want to convocate with your class, you have to wait until June, OP. That's what I did (To me it was worth it because I didn't think I was going to make it through uni)

  3. based on this site ->

    "Early diplomas are available only for those who need them for a work visa (e.g. to the USA) before convocation. You must have a letter of offer with start date. Email the Associate Director or the Director to find out more."

    seems to only be related to those in SE, but i'm sure someone in the registrar's office can help.
    that said, i don't think your reasoning of "i just want to get out of here" is going to cut it for getting your piece of paper earlier.

  4. OP here. Thank you very much for the replies. Sounds like I'll end up having them mail me the diploma when the time comes. 3 is right, I can't really see UW being accommodating unless there's third party involvement (i.e., employer in the US).