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Updated on Wednesday, July 29


QUESTION: Do you think finding a test bank online is cheating?


  1. No, I think it is using your resources. The point of classes are to teach you as much as possible, so i think past exams, examples etc... are just a potential tool to help you learn the material. Just focus on learning as much as you can as you can't control if the professor uses materials for the exam that happen to be on an online exam bank. If its a takehome finial or something however, you probably should be trying to find exact solutions online though the prof shouldn't reuse questions for this reason. On a side note, Waterloo Eng. has an exam bank of past exams in which it is encouraged students use as part of their studying.

  2. Are you an idiot?

  3. Some classes, test banks are fine. For example, the student associations in each faculty (mathsoc for example) keeps an online exam bank and those ones are absolutely fine (before they post anything, they must have permission from profs). But some courses I know prohibits it, so better check with your prof.