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Updated on Wednesday, July 29


QUESTION: Anyone else feeling a diminishing of value in regards to university education as a whole?


  1. Two big problems:
    1) There was a big push for everyone to go to university, which means that the market is now oversaturated. A lot of people have Bachelor's degrees now so, in some ways, that's become the new high school. It's just expected that you'll have attended postsecondary school.
    2) Related to the first issue, university is now seen as a machine for pumping out employees. Where it used to be about expanding the mind and furthering knowledge, it's now seen as a place for paying your dues in order to get into the workforce. It's a shame really. I mean, that's what college is really supposed to be for. Oh well, welcome to Corporate Canada.

  2. You bet your ass.


  4. Yep. As 1 stated the overall value is constantly being watered down. Even if a person has a passion for something the overall quality of education is sub-par and overall experience is diminished due to increasing auxiliary fees, incompetent administration causing errors, classmates who really shouldn't have been accepted in the first place, and poor structure.