OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, July 29


QUESTION: Girls: have you ever been rejected for a no strings attached sex with a guy?

Guys: Is there any reason you would reject this other than the girl being physically unattractive or you being in a relationship?


  1. As a guy, I know a few girls who I wouldn't have sex with even if I was single. This is either because I know they are horrible people, or I know their history and its just not worth the risk of catching something.

    Other than that, it all depends on context.

  2. a few years ago there would be no way I would turn down an offer like that. But after actually being in the dating scene for a bit I gotta say its not that easy.

    1. Wait- what do you mean by that? What's not that easy? Saying yes?

  3. Wear a hazmat suit with your condom and you'll be fine.