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Updated on Wednesday, July 29


QUESTION: I'm going to be entering first year in September and need tips creating a schedule. I'm taking Biomedical Sciences but am trying to get pre reqs done so I can apply to Pharmacy School in 2 years.

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  1. Speaking from experience:
    - make sure you can accommodate all pre-reqs in your schedule
    - check the schedule of classes because some courses are only offered in certain terms (therefore you may be forced to take 3 chem courses in your 2B term if you don't plan ahead! Some people take thermodynamics in the summer to alleviate some stress from 2B)
    - Biomed is great because you have a lot of room for electives. Take what actually interests you and fits well with your schedule! Don't take BS courses just "because they're easy" because sometimes they still end up requiring a lot of work. It's your only chance to take completely random courses in university.
    - Make sure you get some pharmacy experience before applying. It makes no sense to apply to a professional program if you're not even sure if you like it, let alone what pharmacists actually do

    Good luck!!