OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Wednesday, July 29


QUESTION: Anyone ever met a sexual partner in an unusual way?


  1. Church. It is very unusual these days.... But we just got married, which also seems to be unusual these days....

    1. Woah. Settle down there James Dean. Some things are just too much even for the interwebs.

    2. How the fuck is marriage unusual? There is literally a huge group of people that just got the right to after fighting decades for it. People are getting married later, but its still happening.

  2. We don't see each other anymore but I basically hooked up with Shrek. I shit you not. We met through our high school's production of Shrek the Musical. He was the lead (Shrek) and I was in the cast. He was also my ex-boyfriend's ex-best friend. It's a weird world, OP. A weird but fun one.