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Updated on Wednesday, July 29


QUESTION: Need some advice : I am planning on either taking Biol 376 or Biol 335L next fall. I need to choose between either one; can people who have taken either of those courses help me figure out what the courses were actually like? Reading the syllabus doesn't help get an idea.

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  1. took 335L 1.5 yrs ago. informative, good course, 80+ is not too hard; work is mostly hands-on, exam is ok, you don't have to be very lab-savvy, as long as u explain the results u're ok (even if u fail it all lol); prof is awesome (still Dr Duncker?), TAs are random, mine were pretty cool.
    in retrospect, course is useful in preparation for lab work as well as practicing presenting stuff in front of ppl. if you're looking for the easiest 80+ possible with a 300-level course, this is OK but few others can be better, as 335L can be time-consuming if you don't have other people's reports from previous years.