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Updated on Friday, July 24


QUESTION: What are your thoughts on taking a 200s course as a first year? 

This is a question to be answered in general, but to be more specific PHIL 226 


  1. If you've never taken a PHIL class before, I don't think 226 is a great option, depending on your major and everything else you're doing. If you want a really interesting and fun 2nd year course, try PHIL 202 (Gender Issues) with Shannon Dae. It was fantastic!
    Source: Phil major

  2. phil 226 is a bird course

    no final, no attendance mandatory, 3 partner essays, and 1 essay by yourself

    it doesn't matter what year you're in

  3. well in bio 1st-3rd courses were all introductory, 4th year were more indepth and had literature review embedded.

  4. I took a second-year English course as a first year, and third-year course as a second year. I really don't think the "suggested" year level matters at all for Arts courses as long as there are no prerequisites.

  5. My first year had 3 200 level courses as part of the schedule. I took 3 100 level courses later on as electives during hard terms to make them slightly easier.