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Updated on Tuesday, July 21


QUESTION: Best way to get cheap car insurance?


  1. No such thing my friend, even the cheapest car costs an arm and a leg.

    There was an article a while back and insurance prices in Ontario for Males under 25 were 600% higher than the average or something.

    I have mine through TD. I am paying almost 500$ a month after taxes for a Honda Civic 2014. The car is the 4DR base model and I have a clean driving record. My friend has a 2010 Genesis 2DR Coupe, and somehow he is only paying 300$. :/ I guess shop around and beg.

    Also, my insurance coverage sucks, and I will be so screwed if I crash.

  2. Wait until you turn 25 and pay for anything that happens out of pocket if possible. Also, if your parents can add you to their plan and have you as the principal driver of a car that belongs to them (technicalities) then you'll be much better off.

  3. Buy a granny car and live in Waterloo. Sports cars and certain other cars like the Honda Civic will have higher rates, and Waterloo is cheaper than Toronto or Brampton.