OMG UPDATE: Question? Answer.

Updated on Tuesday, July 21


QUESTION: I've got ARTS 280 (stats) coming up in the fall and I'm looking for a tutor. I'm super bad at math and the university's tutor finding service doesn't have anyone who teaches that course.

Anyone know a reliable place to find a stats tutor?


  1. Anyone who tutors an actual stats for math majors course could tutor you... Or just any math major who got over 70 in 231 probably

  2. Go to Tutor Connect at the beginning of term. Search for STAT 231 as 1 has said, or even STAT 202 (it's Stats for Science).


    Log in with your WATiam credentials. At the beginning of next term, keep on checking for the first two weeks or so while the tutors come out of hiding as tutors need to update their profile each term.

    As someone who used to tutor Stat 202 and advertised on tutor connect, this system works pretty well!

  3. Thanks guys! There are some stats tutors listed, but nothing for the specific course. I wasn't sure if it would make a difference or not, but it seems like the material overlaps.

  4. someone with a strong stats or math stats background but who has taken other courses could help you out. there are tutor flyers in the SLC across from the turnkey desk, and if you can't find a stats tutor there there's also the place in the plaza (live switchboard/LSI) that connects tutors to students. i know someone getting stats tutoring there, though they're from a different faculty. otherwise, kijiji?